The Long and the Short of Chel

25% photographer + 25% marketing/social savvy + 25% analytics nerd + 25% analyst = 100% Chel.

Photo by C.C. Chapman

Photo by C.C. Chapman

Chel brings 11+ years of passionate experience in marketing technology, research, analytics, and content development to her role at the Everything Everywhere where she guides content creation and product marketing. After many successful collaborations across multiple industries, including B2B and B2C tech, healthcare, and startups, she's more than up for the challenge.

She manages this along with her growing photography business, pursuing her passion for travel and street photography that takes her to far and away locales. 

Most recently, Chel worked with Christopher Penn at award-winning public relations firm SHIFT Communications, where they expanded the marketing technology department revenue from $100,000 to $1+ million in the span of 2 years, welcomed a swath of new clients including Citrix and T-Mobile, and pioneered high-impact approaches to competitive and customer experience analysis. Her deep understanding of both numbers and people gives her a singular capacity for morphing (often impenetrable) data into transformative action.  

When she’s not bringing a Zen level of balance to her work, you might find Chel bumping JT in her convertible, Shaw, rucking in the middle of a deep, dark forest, or diving into one of her many passions: Game of Thrones, Gaming (Uncharted series and World of Warcraft), writing… or simply adding another pair of Chucks to her ever-growing collection.

And that’s just before noon...

future past or the path to chel (in first person)

Answering typically to “Chel”, I (yes, we’ve abandoned that third person stuff) grew up in a very small town in the south that no one knows. As a child, I would read anything that wasn't moving. I played a lot of Atari and Nintendo in my spare time (have now graduated to WoW, Guild Wars, Fallout 4, Destiny, among other PS4 games). Then I heard about this shiny new thing call the internet and begged to have it “turned on”. (GEEK!)

After getting connected, I went on to join and help manage communities like Memespace (created by Chris Abraham) and Brainstorms (created by Howard Rheingold) as chelbelle, which evolved into a alter ego Chel Pixie in Second Life. still hosts my blog (though we've changed domains recently) and @chelpixie is where you can find me on Twitter.

Mid 2007, I realized I wasn’t content with the empty beauty of the pitch black yet starry sky in my small town and I moved to Boston. I've been here for 10 years, changed my hair color from pink to purple to green, and love thinking about where this VR thing is going to go next. I spend my time while not working taking photographs, creating pieces of art, reading, obsessing about the Patriots, Sherlock and Game of Thrones (in no particular order). We should probably add watching bad movies on Netflix (ain't no shame in that) and eating all the food at Barcelona Wine Bar.

Ultimately my goal is to travel the world and tell its stories by written word and photographs along the way.

What others have to say:

Michelle, or Chel, is one of the bulletproof, rock-solid people you can depend upon to get things done.” - Christopher S. Penn

“Her productivity assistance is invaluable for someone like myself, running multiple businesses and projects, and she is excellent at making sure my foundation is rock solid before I embark on any new venture.” - Leslie Poston

“But perhaps more importantly, as I started to realize how incredibly competent she was, I found myself looking for things I could hand off to her. Now, I’m addicted. I absolutely can’t imagine not having Chel to magically make my tech and admin problems disappear.” - Helena Bouchez

“Michelle is a GEM! She was completely professional, went above and beyond the call of duty, and provided us with support that we needed on a very complex project. I was constantly impressed with her work and felt very reassured knowing that she was on the job.” - Scott Monty

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Things and places I support…

Humanwire - donate items in real time to refugees

Podcamp Boston – a podcasting and new media unconference in Boston, MA

Podcamp Foundation – The organizing foundation of Podcamp

Boston Martial Arts Center – My dojo in Boston

Virtual Hot Wings & Matthew Ebel