7 song blog tag! / by Chel Wolverton

I've been tagged by Karen AKA mrsb AKA Kaye to share my favorite songs and then tag people to do the same. This came to me by way of Aidan Hatch, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn & Karen Cardoza. I am a very unusual mix of child who loves country music but loves almost everything introduced to me. My favorites today may not be my favorites tomorrow. They change without notice a lot of the time. My absolute favorite artist is one Matthew Ebel, if you can't tell by the number of times I've mentioned his music and his name and website on this blog. That said....lemme get my list out.

My number one favorite happens to be the favorite of mrsb. Song is brilliant, vocals are absolutely amazing.

I love this song because not only is another song with amazing vocals but it is one that speaks out to me like no other.

This song especially gets my wishes across for the people in my life that I care about. If you are my friend, this song applies to you.

This song was mentioned to me by someone else and I have it stuck in my head now, in a good way. The music is awesome.

Howie has never failed to capture my attention. If you haven't heard this guy, he totally rocks and puts himself out there for every song. He can totally wow with vocals (though really I prefer Matthew's.)

I know that the Chicks have stirred up some controversy in recent years but they stick to their ideals and speak their minds and there isn't anything wrong with that ever in this country. That said, Lullaby is my favorite on their new album Taking the Long Way. Lullaby is a gentle song that is beautiful and touching. I first heard it on Medium before I bought the album and then I grabbed it right after Medium was finished. (song is only available free to listen at youtube)

This song...still makes me weepy listening it almost a year later.

Hm, so only two country songs made the list. I guess the Chicks are still considered country since they did take home several CMAs. My music tastes vary quite a lot. I'm sure that most would be surprised by some of the things that I have in my iTunes playlist. Oh and I want to mention Big & Rich's Rollin'. That song rocks. Favorite line? "I'm a crazy son of a (bad word)." Hehe.

(Disclaimer: These songs aren't in order of most favorite though Matthew's "I Know You're There" does top the list.)

I tag BucketJen, BucketCorey, Goddess and Banana, Daphne, Tam and Laurence.