what’s going on today in my Second Life… / by Chel Wolverton

If you haven't checked it out yet, just take a moment to tp over and see some cool designs by the newly graduated students of TUi. I went looking for something specific so I was disappointed. I guess I will have to ask someone to design a necklace with an infinity symbol as the charm. There is some lovely stuff so please check it out. If you're ready to hear Hali play again, raise your hand! /raises hand. Me me me! Well he's playing tonight at SoHo at 6 PM. You know where I'll be!

And also tonight if you wanna attend a beach party by chance, you can head over to the SDS and show off your bikinis in anticipation of summertime. That starts at 5 PM SLT. Sounds like a lot of fun but I'm likely to be at Hali's concert. ;)

Oh and this is sorta SL related but check out Twitter. I promise you'll get addicted. Hee.

/crossing fingers for a certain boy to beat his record!