wow…Matthew Ebel AKA Hali doesn’t play… / by Chel Wolverton

and I get seriously bored. I'm not sure why since there is a Sprocket Relay party I could go to. Of course I've spent some time researching some stuff in world today and was trying to get all the information down on a notecard. I love the fact that I can take the Paradise Blanket to 700 m and there's no lag. That's where I went to write. It's calm and peaceful and there so many different places you can be while being in the same place. Okay, I just reread that and only someone who has spent time in SL is going to understand it.

I played Take It or Leave It tonight! I won the raffle, lost the big prize and went home with 750L. Not too bad.

Below is a photo on the beach. I gotta keep my focus skills in shape somehow.200027-nowhereville-57-213-699-chel-pixie.jpg