Bananadu is an great success! / by Chel Wolverton

Okay seriously guys, what's more fun than great 80s music, skating, dancing and disco? Nothing right? Good answer. Well, Los Arboles hosted Bananadu on Monday night (modeled after Xanadu the movie). Another amazing build by Banana. And the best thing? It brought together a somewhat fractured podcasting community. Everyone had a blast!

I asked Crap Mariner to take some photos for me because I've been crashing lately when I take photos in lag. He kindly agreed and you can find some great shots here at his blog.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Banandu party! Let's dance/skate, er, yeah. (all photo credits to Crap Mariner/Laurence Simon)


Me at Banandu!

Chel Pixie at Banandu!

Yxes, The Goddess, dances in the cage with Rich Desoto!

Yxes and Rich dancing in the cage!

TamK Rockin' it out in Hello Kitty:

Tam K @ Banandu

Crap bein' his usual "sassy" self (his description, not mine):

Crap lookin’ like his usual “sassy” self.

Stay tuned for announcement of next month's event at Los Arboles, but in the meantime, all girls should drop by the sim for the first ever Smartie Pants Sisters gathering, skydiving and a chance to meet the sisters. Will be happening Thursday, April 26th from 4 to 6 PM SLT. IM me for a teleport or grab the teleport from events (will be listed later tonight if I can ever log in).