It’s amazing what you can accomplish when SL is down! / by Chel Wolverton

I attempted to die in for the first time ever this morning over at Los Arboles with The Goddess and Gomem among others. That was interrupted by a wee bit of a RL thing that took me away for the last 10 minutes. But alas, it's been a day of RL here so far including laundry and house cleaning and coffee (let's just say among a host of other things)! Last night was a Night Full of Crap, hosted by Crap Mariner at SoHo and DJ'ed by Gomem Desoto (yes the real one). Wanting to see a tower of plaid I tp'ed over and found a party going on! Crap even set himself on fire again! It was a fun evening of a party.

Tomorrow is the big concert event for Relay for Life on Nowhereville. Second Life being down does not help me manage some of the stuff I need to in world today but hopefully things won't be too bumpy when we come back up. I still have some things I can do offline to prepare. If you haven't, get your finest dress on and come join us tomorrow at 7 PM SLT!!! You don't wanna miss Hali Heron if you can help it. If you don't get a group notice from me, then feel free to IM me (Chel Pixie) or Seaway Brodsky for a tp to the event.

I'll likely update today a few times, rather than my random weekly postings. ;)