recent happenings… / by Chel Wolverton

So in recent weeks, writing here has just seemed to be overwhelming. Here are a few recent events...besides the one I just posted. ;)

  • The Dixie Rebels auction was a great success due to the efforts of Seaway, Mystic, Marissa and Lachlan. The auction helped to generate 200,000L in donations! Tamara Kirshner auctioned of a date with herself, that date alone earned a donation of 61000L! Thank you so much Tam for joining us for the cause!!!! I'm so proud of you! (And hopefully it didn't make Crap too jealous, he still loves you, you know?)
  • I mentioned our housewarming party! We moved onto Quiet Island and invited a few friends over for a little get together at the beach! It was a lovely time, especially those super duper floatable rafts that my friends Phryne and Dom tossed out! You can see Rich enjoying himself on one, I think we relaxed him enough for his concert!
  • The Nowhereville concert series kicked off with Rich Desoto playing his awesome tunes. Nowhereville Consert series will also be recorded and podcast for your later enjoyment! Something I'm thrilled to hear! Stay tuned for the next concert, but in the meantime, head on over to the Bucket "Genric" party on Friday night!
  • On Monday is the event I've been waiting for and waiting for, Bananadu happens the 23rd from 6 to 8 PM SLT at Los Arboles! Skating and disco and music and fun with friends? What more could a girl want?

And don't forget to love your podcasters! Check out BUCKETpodcast, GBAffair, Going Broke, 100 Word Stories, That Tickles, and High Orbit!