friends in pixels… / by Chel Wolverton

Over the past month, I've been increasingly concerned about someone I consider a friend. I watched him grow from excited about his building and live music events to terribly bogged down by a gig that didn't turn out to be what he wanted it to be. I've expressed that concern quite a lot in a protective fit because that's who I am. If I am your friend, you know by now that I can be fiercely protective of those that I care about. I don't care if you're pixelated, it's the person *behind* the pixels that keep me company, typing your words who is also my friend. Making me laugh and giving me hell when I deserve it. Some of you waiting until I've long past deserve it, because that's the kind of friends that you are.

No I'm not getting sappy here. One can say, it's pixels, don't worry about it, don't fear it. I'm not worried about the pixels, I'm worried about the people behind the pixels and how they make my friends feel.

A recent post on boingboing pointed to the Bryant Park Project. I regularly experience the "elevator effect" in SL. Just pixels? Perhaps to some of you. The person behind the avatar has personal boundaries. I give permission in RL for people to cross those boundaries, if I don't give you permission you are interfering in my space. If I don't know you in SL and you are dancing through me? I'm going to say something nicely and then I'm going to say something not so nicely.

Yes I'm fully aware that there are people who present themselves to be someone that they aren't, pretend to be someone else than their real life selves. However, what you see here is what you get, except I don't have a slider to make my ass *not* look fat.

So are we all just a bunch of colors on the screen or are we more than that?


(photo credit to Crap Mariner/Laurence Simon)