[RL] 8 things about me meme… / by Chel Wolverton

Karen, aka mrsb, tagged me earlier today for 8 things about me meme. I'll name 8 things that you might not know about me and then pass the meme on to 8 people. 1. My first kiss was from the cutest guy in my class and happened in the woods while we were hiking.

2. I write short stories and essays.

3. I can cook a catfish dinner for a crowd of people and learned to do this as a kid when my dad's fire department had fish fries for the department and their families.

4. I hate deep water unless I'm swimming or boating in it.

5. I cannot stand mayo and use sour cream in my chicken salad.

6. I am the oldest grandchild.

7. I received a letter with a picture (of him playing the sax) from Bill Clinton when he was still governor.

8. My high school graduating class had 12 people.

Now I tag:

Matthew, Kroosh, Daphne, Crap, Polensky, Anji, Andy, and CC