[SL] photos of Raglan Shire concert / by Chel Wolverton

Usual fans with a few new ones gathered to enjoy Hali's music today at the Raglan Shire sim in SL. The Raglan Shire is where you will find places like Extrovirtual and Wynx plus the sweetest people like Zayn and Tasia. Raglan is the place to go if you want to be a furry, want a cute pet or tiny avie to wear. Yes, I'm biased, they created Hali's avie! We enjoyed the tunes and Hali sent chills through the crowd with a rendition of Hallelujah. Here's some photos from the show...

closeup Hali @ Raglan Shire 6/16/07

Hali @ Raglan Shire 6/16/07

Hali and Chel Pixie

PS - apparently wordpress's photo uploader hates me. I cannot get it to use thumbnails, the links are to this evenings photos.