Famecast Success / by Chel Wolverton

As quite a few of you know, I’m working on a marketing project with Natalie Gelman who is competing in Famecast for the top prize. The task is simple, help her find votes to make it through each level. This past week was voting for the top 5 and as the week wound down the votes got crazy! While Natalie worked her Myspace crowd, I spent the early morning hours of the 17th using supreme ninja marketing techniques to ask for votes. I sent a total of 428 emails over 12 hours. Natalie placed 2nd in the top 5 competition and is going to Austin for the live webcast!

Congratulations to Natalie! Stay tuned and get ready to vote! The live webcast happens on 7/31 and the final round of voting will begin at 9 PM EST.