From 29 to 30 / by Chel Wolverton

photo-12.jpgDifferences from year to year are amazing when reflecting on yourself. Someone reminded me to look back and realize all the changes that have taken place for me in the last year and what they mean. I decided in the last few weeks that I wasn't ready to be 30. I was perfectly happy being almost 30. Until I started looking at the changes that I can build upon.

How I've changed...

I'm stronger I've learned that I have to rely on myself that I'm responsible for me and the things that I do. That also means that I've learned that I *can* take care of myself, make my dreams come true and be happy with myself.

I've learned to let go, to an extent I'm still learning this one. Part of being stronger is knowing that I'd rather be alone than live up to someone else's expectations of who I should be.

I've taken charge of changing my life. A huge door was opened for me but I took the chance to walk through it. A year ago I was working at a job that made me miserable everyday. I moved from there to working in a factory and then working at a Teleflora call center. Now? Holy cats! (To quote Mr. Brogan.)

With encouragement found my niche and took a risk on it. I wanted to help other people everyday and now I do. You know the story, it started with a ninja and a bird and now it includes a wealth of people that I adore working with and who teach me their knowledge on a daily basis. That makes me a very lucky person.

I'm more focused. My business takes a lot of focus. I need to accomplish things. I'm driven to work. Sometimes that does mean 16 hours a day and I'm okay with that. Don't worry that doesn't mean that I've forgotten friends. I just have to be a little more structured with my time.

I'm more outgoing. Twitter is one reason for this and Second Life is actually another to blame. It helped me start conversations.

I have the opportunity to connect people. I love being able to do this and to make things possible for others. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best rewards for starting those conversations. Giving back is invaluable.


What I need to work on...

Each of those things above are things that I have to continue working on, they are by no means finished conversations with myself. Changes take time and practice. Among those things are a few others that I should focus on in the coming year.

That letting go thing. Getting caught up in things that pull at my emotions. That's wasted energy and I want it back. So I still got a little work to do.

Making more time for conversations. I tend to work so much that I don't make time for conversations with people that I want to know better, reaching out through comments on what they are doing or interacting on Facebook or other mediums.

Talking about what I do. I remember at SLCC, Mr. Chapman gave me a hint to talk about a certain project and what I do. Being a bit shy and overwhelmed having just met him which blew me away so I didn't really take that chance. Learning to talk about what I do is going to be good for me in the long run.

How to make pink hair stick around for longer than four weeks.

You know now that I'm thinking about it, it doesn't look so worrisome after all.

Hello 30, I'm ready now.