Podcamp Boston2 / by Chel Wolverton

It's Podcamp time this weekend in Boston! I can already feel the excitement pouring into the city! Podcamp Boston 2 - I've been helping to organize PCB2 here in Boston, which is part of the reason I'm here in Boston. To attend, to help and to have fun during what looks to be jammed packed full of goodies to attend with friends that I'm finally getting to meet!

Here's where I *plan* to be, doesn't mean I will be, but if there's live music by Matthew Ebel, you'll definitely find me there.

While PCB2 doesn't start until Saturday there are events tonight as well.

Friday I'll be getting into town in the afternoon.

You will find me two places definitely Friday. Tequila Rain, for the Student Loan Network Sponsored Party, which is an official part of Podcamp Boston. Then at 845 pm, I will be at none other than the Bulfinch Yacht Club listening to Matthew Ebel perform live for my first time. At 1145 pm, [munk] will take the stage! Tickets are $8 at the door.


Social Media Breakfast3, 7:30 - 8:30am, Starbucks at the Westin.

As an organizer I plan to be hands on during the morning of registrations and attending sessions or hanging out with friends afterwards. Staying close or in the BCEC during the day.

Later that evening at 7 there is another live music event at the Seaport Ballroom, made possible by Jeff Pulver, which will feature music by Becca Lobe, Tiff Jimber, Natalie Gelman, Grace Buford, and Matthew Ebel. This will also be Matthew's CD release! This is one of the events that is most special to me and I won't miss it!


It's back to the convention center for more sessions and meetings. Other than that I'm not sure what's going on for me.

If you'd like to meet by all means let me know, either via text to 617.820.3079 or by email at chel.pixie (at) gmail.com. There are so many people that I'm excited to meet this weekend. Matthew Ebel (duh!), Ed Roberts, Whitney Hoffman, Natalie Gelman, Jeremy Vaught, and you.

No shyness allowed, oh and hugs are free.

xoxo chel