Tag of Five Smells / by Chel Wolverton

Bill Deys of Deyscast and Countrycast tagged me with the five smells meme.  Now I try not to do these too often but I thought to lighten the mood a bit after the seriousness of Katrina. 1. Rain.  I love the smell of coming rain, especially when it's bringing change in seasons.

2. Coffee and coffeeshops.   Hello espresso and lattes.  Yum.

3. Lemongrass.  One of the freshest scents evah.  I usually buy some form of lemongrass + etc blend for my soap.   Citrus-y and relaxing.

4. BeautiControl Hot Fudge Body Scrub.  I swear it smells like you could eat it, you can't, but it smells that way.  One of the most heavenly treats, if you can find it.  If you do, please let me know where I can get more.

5. Hanae Mori Butterfly.  My favorite perfume by the designer of the same name.  It's so rich with strawberry, sandalwood and vanilla but not "too" sweet.  Lovely addicting fragrance.

Runner up is Sex Bomb by Lush.  Oh my.  This thing is marvelous.  Drop it in and enjoy.  Lush has everything that smells wonderful and some products are vegan.

So yeah this turned into my mostly favorite product smells.  Heh.  I tag Karen (Mrs B), Bryce and Anji Bee. And anyone else who wants to jump in, just track back or comment with your post so I can read!