Welcome to chelpixie.com! / by Chel Wolverton

I've finally gotten a chance to move Chelpixie.com to it's own domain and wordpress set up! Such a relief to finally have her in place. Plus a fresh new logo. I love these colors. So very chel. A Golden Conversation about Personal Branding 

You may be wondering why WickedPixieMedia doesn't exist anymore and after a long conversation with LoudMouthMan aka Nik about personal branding I realized that this is ME.  ChelPixie.com is Michelle Wolverton and that's all that mattered.  This is where my conversation takes place and when I speak chelpixie is where I come from.  So, welcome!

If you have a question about your website or the direction you are taking please seek Nik out.  He has great ideas and really helped me focus last night on personal brand and the direction of chelpixie.com which enabled me to make this blog post NOW instead of this weekend!  And that's brilliant.

The Changes and the People Behind Them 

The logo started by Anji Bee of Chillcast and lovespirals fame. If you haven't yet, go pick up her and Ryan's new lovespirals CD!  Then Ed Roberts, of Looking Out the Window podcast, helped me out with a spin and and reformatting the logo to make it more what I was seeking.  Great creative minds!

The pixie you see at the end of this post is by Jared Swartz who does graphic design both professionally and freelance! Please check him out and see if he can help you create a logo for your business.  She will be see at the end of my blog posts as my signature.

I've installed Wordpress yet again with my usual tech support, Bryce Moore of A Bite of Sanity. He's my lifesaver with Wordpress and I've learned a million things from him.  I've especially learned NOT to copy the wrong files to the wrong theme.

A special thank you to all of you who helped me with feedback over the past few weeks.  Comments and feedback are still especially welcomed and appreciated!