Where are our heroes? / by Chel Wolverton

This morning I read a story about New Orleans having to scale back rebuilding. Apparently they've only raised 1/4 of the funds that they actually need in order to restore and rebuild the city. Words fail to describe the anger that I felt as I read. 2 years after Hurricane Katrina, where are all those who rode the tails of disaster, where are the people that pledged to rebuild and rebuild stronger? Where is our President who is supposed to bring leadership and comfort to the nation? Mayor Nagin and Senator Mary Landrieu and even our country has disappeared from the landscape.

It's almost understandable but not quite forgivable. The majority of Americans want to dismiss the feelings that the days after Katrina gave. The hopelessness of seeing people trapped with no help in sight. Pay attention. That is where our country itself is heading in a much bigger way. It's where we fail but not stepping up instead ignoring the situation.

We feel powerless to change the current course of history because politics makes it so impossible. Does it matter who is going to win the election in 2008? All of the current candidates are those of bred politicians that have been in the game a while. I don't want someone that plays the game anymore, Republican OR Democrat. Do you?

There is a show titled Heroes which is in it's second season here in the United States. Heroes is about a select few that were changed by evolution and were found to be not ordinary humans but humans with superpowers.

The United States (and yes, the world) is caught up in Heroes mania. We are seeking our superhero, the one that can save us from the Iraqi war and more soldiers dying. The one that can fix our current economic situation in a way that benefits us now and also future generations. The one that cares enough, can blast through the politics game and step up to show us what a leader is supposed to look like.

Where are they? Where are all the heroes? Where is a leader who can make us feel safe and take action? I want OUR evolution to happen now. I want my community to evolve and make every effort it can to affect change.

The reality is that our community holds our heroes and we need to nurture them so that we are able to save ourselves. Find one person, help them. That's what building a community is about, helping each other and making a difference. Hopefully while things keep going downhill, our community will save us.