Love for Mimobots / by Chel Wolverton

So I woke up this morning to an email from Evan over at mimobot that had a link to a video showing 24 hours on Seesmic, a flash video site that twitters your videos after you record them. In it a few of us declared our love for mimobots and I got to show off One Love. [youtube][/youtube]

mimobots are art + USB drives and were named one of the best techcessories by Wired, along with the iPhone and the Wii. So while they store information, they look cute on your desktop and are just plain FUN. There are clothes for your mimobot and clothes for you. They have a new Domo Series but also a Star Wars series which is super cool. (Darth Vader just sold out!) Try these out or give them as gifts to the techie in your life for the holidays.

I'm lusting after Fairybit Fairybot and I hope to acquire her sooner or later, but until then, One Love holds my heart.