Podcamp Boston 2 success! / by Chel Wolverton

Oh wow. I can't really believe it's been a week since the end of Podcamp Boston 2. It's been really hard to get back to the normal swing of things rather than the pace of organization that was taking place in those last weeks. (Thank you to Mr. Penn and Mr. Brogan for founding Podcamp.)

What was the best part of Podcamp for me? I can't possibly answer that truthfully but here are a few shining moments!

Meeting Matthew Ebel. Finally! CC's photo sorta says it all. Hanging out with him was a pleasure and great fun. Riding in a cab with him reading twitter over my shoulder and the manic rush before walking the expo floor at VON. And *of course* seeing him play repeatedly!

Getting together with other organizers. I finally got to meet Whitney Hoffman, who was *the* organization goddess, after working with her on Podcamp stuff for so long plus Sooz, Steve Sherlock (he was always smiling!) and Dave LaMorte. Don't let Chris Penn fool you! He worked his tail off in those weeks before Podcamp to help make it a great experience too. These are the heroes for me of Podcamp.

Jeff Pulver. I'd watched his Blogtv shows, I'd talked with him in chat, but this is the first time I've met the man. The first thing he did was take my photo and then he gave me a hug. He is a gentle soul and a lot of fun! Jeff's party at the Roxy the following Tuesday was awesome and he showed that he knows how to have a good time.

Doug Haslam made an effort to get all the details right in the musician's press release, even embedding audio for me to make it a multimedia press release that featured Matthew, Grace Buford, Natalie Gelman and Becca Lobe. It was easy to collaborate with him and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

The above musicians did a fabulous job performing on Saturday night, read more about them and take a moment to listen to their music if you didn't get the chance. Support podsafe music and independent musicians!

When I finally met Ed Roberts he gave me the best hug ever. I'm so happy that Jeff Pulver made it possible for him to come to Podcamp. It was so worth it for just that hug and the others throughout the weekend to follow.

I can't mention Ed Roberts without thinking about Mrs B. These two are great friends and fellow Matthew Ebel fans. As Mrs B and I danced in the ballroom Saturday night I was beaming to finally meet such a sweet woman with the most awesome Patriots fan podcast ever. Yes, I think I'm getting Boston's sports fever. *groans*

Brian Polensky!!! I met Brian in SL as Connor and didn't know him well but knew that he was a Ebel fan. Brian is an amazing guy with a big heart. He is heading up Camp Ebel to make music videos of Matt's music! He's such a great friend I was so happy to finally meet and hug him in person. He was gracious enough to help out without asking on Sunday at the registration desk and that is just his spirit.

Jeremy Vaught, I'd only known him in Second Life but IMs about his life in Alaska kept me in contact with him in RL. He's a great guy and has a great sense of humor.

Nico! I kept hearing that this guy Nico was coming to Podcamp and I kept wondering why this was so cool. Now I know! He's entirely sweet. He asked for his hug immediately before running off to get me Starbucks. Smart boy!

LoudMouthMan. Who the hell can forget a man in a kilt standing in the street at 2 am threatening to show more than leg if a cab driver didn't stop? If that's not enough to refresh your memory then surely you remember the loud orders through the halls of the BCEC. If you heard it, you were either in awe or laughing your ass off. He's an awesome man and has some brilliant ideas about personal branding and social media.

Natalie Gelman was a highlight of my day Saturday when I finally met her for the first time. That girl has voice.

Eric Skiff was a great surprise, friendly and warm. It was so nice to finally put the voice to the face that I've seen and he turns out to be one of the coolest people to hang with.

Neil Gorman. If you missed this man's session, shame on you. I don't podcast but I attended his session, . I'd been dying to see him present since his video from PAB. Even Chris Penn said skip my session and go to his! That's the most remarkable endorsement for me. His energy is awesome and he's a great conversationalist.

Mitch Joel. His session on personal branding was a must for me. I was happy to catch him but sorry that I didn't get more time to say hi to him in the hallways. Maybe Podcamp NY?

Justin Kownacki and Tommy Vallier. Hee. I think I made Justin giggle at least once and that was great fun. I'm just sorry I couldn't hang out with them after Saturday's event was finished!

I know I missed some people and didn't include some that I had already met. Please shoot me an email or comment if I missed you. It was such a whirlwind of activity that I was in a blur most of the time.

The part I love about organizing events is the hype and the excitement leading up and then during the events that I'm taking a part of. I had a slow cool down of social activity but definitely hit the bottom of The Dip when Saturday rolled around.

What am I doing about it?

I've turned to meditation and blasting Matthew's album Goodbye Planet Earth through the house (off of my MacBook mind you). The meditation has helped me so much in the past few days.

Have a plan when you come down from these type of events. You don't know what your next big project is? Enjoy the downtime, don't dread it, don't avoid stuff, but take your time ramping back up.

I know that I'll be working on pursuing leads for my virtual personal assistant business plus marketing for Matthew over the next few months. Not sure what events will come up between now and then but I know I'll enjoy the next one as much as Podcamp Boston.