Recommended Listening / by Chel Wolverton

Having been asked by a few people in the last couple weeks what music I listen to or would recommend, I thought I would share it with those reading my favorites. If you're regular reader you know that Goodbye Planet Earth was semi-released at Podcamp Boston, if not then you should take a moment to check out everything Matthew Ebel. I'm in love with Matthew's music because it always speaks to me, makes me laugh, or soothes me. My ears and his musical talent just clicked. The new album includes Lost My Way, a great tune that makes me feel like pushing the limits and I Will Wait For You, a haunting love song that tangles me into it's story.

Another great favorite of mine in recent months has been Lovespirals. With the stunning but soft vocals that come from only Anji Bee and paired with Ryan Lum's beautiful guitar mastery this duo are sure to make you follow along with their stories, heart tagging along for the ride. They just released Long Way From Home which includes must listens, This Truth, a beautiful love song detailing a decade long relationship that has stood the test again and again. Along with Motherless Child which speaks to longing of parental love.

Craig Cardiff is a recent discovery that I have Neil Bearse to thank for pushing me toward. Each moment of listening to Craig's album, Goodnight (Go Home) inspires the thought of lying in the grass by a fire staring up at the stars cuddling in warm blankets while his voice softly croons the lullaby, Rowentree. There are so many remarkable songs that if I could I'd list them all. Every CD is on my wish list which is remarkable for me.  When he's not playing on those evenings after, you'll feel something missing. Craig has written a great deal of music available on iTunes but you can also hear him on his podcast, Thank You For Your Ears.

Jeff Krantz, known as Hep Shepard in Second Life, is a stunning newcomer to the 3D world. While he hasn't even released his first album yet, his fan base is quickly growing. A recent feature in Newsweek talking about his Second Life has helped his career move quickly along. His website needs updating hardcore but here you can listen to his award winning, Last Goodbye.

Kevin Reeves, giving a self-described finger to the RIAA is releasing his first album, It's About Time as a free download while working on his next, currently titled Headspace. Reeves remarkable style with Shine and In Love With You shows the range of his talent in making you feel the emotions that he's put into each lyric.

Each of these artists are very different in style but each of my favorite songs have a common theme, they inspire me or I indulge in them emotionally.  Go fill up your music player, take a while to listen and let me know how it goes.