Digging the Superficial Web / by Chel Wolverton

So my Twitterstream erupted into an "I voted" pool this afternoon after a link was twittered to vote at DigATechGirl . com for several girls. I really distaste this site and others like them. No one's accomplishments should be lessened by their beauty or their sex appeal or other said physical features. These sites are celebrating hotness and not a lot more than that. Last I checked my intelligence quota test bypassed analyzing a photo of me.

Society assigns more importance to beauty, to the "correct" features, to a specific beauty quality than it should. We (usually) learn as adults that it is more than about beauty but yet we continue to frequent and vote and post to these sites, never quite leaving our high school incentives behind. So is hard work lessened by not so hyper beautifulness? How do accomplishments rate against beauty and should it matter?

A friend pointed out that it was Friday afternoon lighthearted fun. Maybe some people took that way, but iJustine opted out posting the link to her page. Perhaps she was seeing what was not leaving a good taste in my mouth? An excellent conversation followed on Twitter but (hat tip @ericrice) you can't link the conversation as a whole just parts. @pistachio has a couple of good questions to get us thinking.

Why diminish the accomplishments of women by promoting sites like DigATechGirl? Each time we post a link like this or participate in voting we're also giving a little bit of credence to the thought that sexuality/beauty is the most important quality one can have.

What about intelligence and originality? There are more important things than a beautiful face. Don't you remember?