Frozen Pea Fund / by Chel Wolverton

A couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out in Second Life when Susan Reynolds invited me over to her SL pad to talk and hang out with her and Connie Reece. That night we hashed some stuff and had a lot of fun talking about tire irons and ninja moves, among other things. I was honored to be included by these two wonderful women in conversations about the future. A few days later and Susan Reynolds posted a very serious tweet, she had found a lump and was being tested for breast cancer. The world changes in an instant, sometimes it takes events like this to show us that and Susan reminded me of what I know so well. And then, she showed me what strength, faith and community can do.

With a bag of frozen peas to help with the pain and a sudden peavatar campaign that even got the attention of Robert Scoble. When Connie asked me to help, there could only be one answer. Hence the last week I've spent installing wordpess and testing


I've never been so proud of my community in motion as much as I have when seeing my twitter stream mostly full of peas. You guys rock. Please, please take a moment today and support the fund, the donations go to breast cancer research and honor a woman who is as strong as she is wonderful.