Morning Stimulation / by Chel Wolverton


On Thursday and Friday, Christina Greene of The Advance Guard invited me to come 'round for a couple of games of trivia. I'm not good at Trivial Pursuit and have never found a game of trivia that asked me questions where I actually have a chance at knowing the answers.

TriviaOnNet was different. There's a little bit of spice for everyone in the general room, which is awesome. Great combo, except those tricky sports questions that blow my score everytime.

It was great to hang out with friends first thing in the morning with coffee, nice to chatter and laugh and trash talk. Joined by many people including C.C. Chapman, Scott Monty, Jeff L, Kera R, Lynette, and AnnMarie Mathis et al. I'd love to see groups or teams options so I can play with a crew and have Scott on my team. ;)

If you have time for a little round of something fun with your morning coffee or even evening cocktails (and pretty please give me someone to actually *beat*), Christina mentions that they are pondering more scheduled games and if you want to know more to tune into the Facebook group!