blogstring / by Chel Wolverton


Two bloggers set out to write about new sites that make their appearance on the web. Nathan Burke started a blog that reviewed beta web applications, social media and more. He brought Sarah Wurrey onto the blog to mix it up. It jokingly (or not) says on their about page that she brought a new prespective to blogstring making it less random.

Both of their writing styles keep me entertained while including some great insight into what's going on around the web and social media.

For example, Sarah recently wrote a post on resolutions and this little gem turned me onto

Considering I get home from work and almost immediately sit down with my laptop (oh, new discovery at Best Buy tonight for my Geek Gift Guide that I never did finish writing but maybe will someday, like next Christmas: a contraption for your laptop that is rigged up with a fan that cools your thighs! Do you know how hot my thighs get? Do you? Okay this post is going places I did not intend, moving forward…), I feel like I should really be expanding my horizons beyond our little circle. It’s a good niche, a great niche, but…what else is out there?

Okay, so while that isn't strictly social media, it engaged me and made me laugh and immediately subscribe to blogstring. Sarah writes with a great sense of humor that leads me to point out her post on I Do, Now I Don't (a social media site built around women selling their engagement rings).

Both writers are willing to rethink their conclusions on beta web sites, after Sarah's initial post on I Do Now I Don't, there was an interview with the co-founder on blogstring talking about what IDNID is about.

Nathan in his own brilliant writing style constantly hits the nail on the head, posting questions about various social media topics recently asking if it's possible to be yourself online.

Impression management, to me, is one of those things we do without thinking. It’s a completely unconscious activity that seems absolutely natural. The interactions you have with your boss are different from those with your significant other. You have different intentions, therefore you present yourself differently. It’s just common sense, right?

This site is full of great reviews and great opinions on happenings in the socialmediasphere.

So head over to and enjoy these two great bloggers!

(I'm posting this as a way to spread a little love via a request from Chris Brogan. I'm not looking for an invite though, I just really wanted an excuse to blog about blogstring :D)