Good People Day / by Chel Wolverton

There's this pretty cool guy GaryVee who came up with an idea to spend a day talking about good people instead of the next rumor to hit the mill. I've been pretty thankful to a few people who have rocked my world, but that list keeps growing! So listen, I know I'll probably leave someone out, but I gotta put a few people out here.

Neil Bearse - Keeper of good moods. He puts a good amount of time in with independent musicians, either with his ideas or crazy kick ass video editing skillz. He randomly takes a moment to brighten my day with a crazy thought or a new song.

Christina Greene - Gentle soul with a sassy touch, she's always looking out for others and listening to crazy ideas. She's good people who always got your back if you fall. I know, because she caught me and put me in a safe place.

Kim Chapman - I'm really thrilled to have gotten to know Kim and enjoyed her friendship. She's a person who genuinely cares about others needs so much so that she's putting herself towards a profession that will allow her to show her goodness to many other people.

Christopher Penn - He's not only the Financial Aid Podcast guy, but he's always willing to use his powers from the Dark Side of the Force for good. No nonsense, take action and make things happen guy. If you need help, he'll try his best to give you the tools to make it happen. New media needs more people like Chris who take in the knowledge of how to make things happen and shares that knowledge with other people.

Whitney Hoffman - Warning: this woman will awe you with her goodness. She's always dropping things to help other people. She has a heart of gold that inspires you to do good but isn't a pushover either. Whitney loves her community and works hard to make it a better place. Her recent fundraising efforts for Ma Chen austistic school shows just how MUCH she loves community and helping others.

Matthew Ebel - Musician who's songs lift and inspire people to great lengths. His music has lifted me up more than once and given me peace lots of other times. Sometimes you just can't beat what music says to you. Listens, pushes in his own little way while inspiring too.

Bryce Moore - My Wordpress teacher/mentor and superhero. He's the greatest ever family guy and always lends a hand to people in trouble. No sweat and no fuss.

Ed Roberts - Awesome guy that believes in free hugs and puts his support behind great independent and podsafe artists and services that will benefit them. His spirit seeks the goodwill of others. Never fails to listen when someone needs him.

C.C. Chapman - If there's ever anyone I've seen that is the embodiment of passion, it's C.C. He works and gives and supports thoughts, ideas, and ventures across the new media community and beyond. No matter how busy he is, he's always got time for a quick question or helpful advice. At the end of the day, he's one of the best good people I know, full of warmth and laughter.

Sooz - Best ever conspire partner. Will plant your butt down and say anything you need to hear, bluntly but she's good at it. Another person that would drop everything and help out. This makes her very GOOD people.

Since at the time of this writing I'm currently in the midst of a project *and* am terrified of missing someone that really is GOOD people, let me just shoutout to a few more people here:

Connie Reece, Pistachio, Susan Reynolds, Jay Hathway, Thomas Beckett, Jon Swanson, Becky McCray, Dayngr, Brian Polensky, TheDiva Rockin', Grant Roberston (he's NOT a douchebag, I know, I work for him ;), and 2 million other people who rock the world on a daily basis.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for sharing your goodness with me and the rest of the world. YOU'RE awesome!