The Results are In. / by Chel Wolverton

A few weeks ago I wrote about the possibility of getting hearing implants. After some tracking down records, getting them to the right place, getting a hopeful response from the initial person from Envoy.  My records were reviewed in detail along with my medical history by the audiologist that makes the decisions.

It's not that they don't believe Envoy will someday help me.....

It just won't be right now.  The voice discrimination is a few points off their qualifications in my left ear and because of that the audiologist does not want to choose me as a trial candidate.  Completely candid she made it clear that they need the numbers to be pretty awesome and within range.  It's their trial and I had no dibs on this spot, but I am extremely disappointed.  Even with that, there is a chance that I'll to be able to qualify in the future, if there is a phrase III and they'll reevaluate me then.

I can't be too upset. I didn't know this was ever going to be possible and it's still possible!  I've been feeling extremely blessed all weekend for various reasons and there is so much hope for the future. Embrace what it is and wait a little longer.  After all, I've waited 30 years for something like this to be possible?  What's 3 to 5 more?