Marketing and Brand - Freshbooks / by Chel Wolverton

Freshbooks has been a prime example that I point at when people ask me about brands who are using Twitter and social networking in remarkable ways.  I checked out Freshbooks when I first started looking for a online time tracker and billing software.  I was using Billable, but the way it tracks time wasn't working for me or my business.  Enter Freshbooks on Twitter and I check it out after a tweet from @freshbooks. At first I wasn't sure, any system takes time to learn and get into and I has issues understanding the complexities at first.  The more than I used the software, the more it grew on me.  Much like Gmail. Billing no longer makes me frustrate.

Over the past few months I've issues on Freshbooks but they've been immediately addressed and resolved by Freshbooks team both by email and Twitter.  Instant customer service.  Many of you have had the same experience with @comcastcares. Reaching out to your customers and resolving their issues really does a lot to build brand relations.  Freshbooks has taken a page from this book.

I'm not just saying this because they sent me flowers last week.  I woke up to a lovely huge bunch of flowers in a Smiley Face coffee mug (you guys hit the mark with that one) but those flowers would have been an empty gesture if it hasn't been for the relationship that has formed while working with their software and communicating with their company.

Freshbooks has both made my life easier and a little sweeter.


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