Watching Matthew / by Chel Wolverton

watching Matthew Prior to Podcamp Boston 2, I was getting steadily nervous over the last few weeks knowing that Matthew Ebel was making his way to Boston soon after finishing Goodbye Planet Earth.  I listened as the album slowly came together.  This was the end result.  One of the best moments of my life listening to the first live vocals of Matthew.  Having never actually met him and heard him play this was the best birthday gift that I could get, even if it was a few days later.

Now Matthew lives nearby in Wellsley and I'm south in Rhode Island.  For the months of June, July and August he is a Block Island guy and I'm happily anticipating taking the bus and then the ferry across to see him.  He's still the best musician in the world to me, hands down.

If you haven't seen him play, or heard him live, go listen. ;)

Listen to Lost My Way

Photo taken by C.C. Chapman