Whirlwind of Pixie Travel Excitement / by Chel Wolverton

Apparently June is official pixie travel month, some planned, some not, but here's what's happening. Tonight I'm traveling to Boston to watch Gary V in action.  The most savvy wine extraordinaire in the business.  If you haven't viewed Wine Library TV, you're missing out on some great energy and not to mention unique wine reviews.

Check out Gary live on Conan here.

Friday morning, I'm leaving on a pretty spur of the moment trip to Podcasters Across Borders.  There I'll be hanging out with the podcasting crew that I've come to know and love and hope to learn a lot to launch the coming music, videos and social media news podcast that I'm currently working on.  Not only that but I get the chance to meet a pretty great friend, Neil Bearse, for the first time.  Also I'll be seeing some not so new but very best friends, including Whitney Hoffman.  She'll be presenting on community and why it's so important to our success in new media. If you're attending PAB, check it out.

In less than a week after I return I'll be flying to Nashville to hang out with Kim Chapman, go to the Big Bang, meet Geoff Smith and hopefully eat some Southern BBQ.  The one thing I won't be happy to see is the humidity.

If you're going to be around in any of these place and we haven't met, please let me know/introduce yourself!  I'm not too hard to find and I look like that photo on  the front of my blog and would love to connect. This should be a pretty awesome weekend!