Why you need a Virtual Assistant / by Chel Wolverton

280226724_b0e9a007b2.jpg If you are a freelancer or a small company, you often work 12-15 hour days to ensure that everything gets done.  Phone calls have to be made, bills have to be paid and the customers have be located to keep things going. Bob is working 12 hours a day to make a living for his wife, his children, and to afford shelter and food for his family.  He's working hard because he loves his family and wants to make them happy.  Yet, his relationship with them is suffering because he's working so hard he rarely gets to share a conversation or he's missing the snuggle in bed for last story before bedtime.

Enter a virtual assistant. An effective VA can organize a calendar, clear out an email inbox, handle web site maintenance, communicate with clients and prospective clients, among many other things.

What could Bob do with two extra hours a day?  Share a hug, laugh with his children, go to dinner with his wife, teach his kids to swim, or grab that missing snuggle during the bedtime story.

What will you do with an extra two hours every work day? Contact me and let's find out.

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