8 Ways @jnswanson Influences Me / by Chel Wolverton

2463527519_c3f4f63907.jpg1. He writes.  And writes (he does this a lot).  Jon doesn't know this but he's the first person of faith I've felt comfortable talking to in a very long time.  It all started with What I Mean When I Say Pray. 2.  He also writes about ways you can hurt yourself.  Including getting angry, depressing yourself, increasing your stress, and ruining your day.

3.  Then he turns it all around to tell you how to keep your tank full, to be thanked and how to explain web 2.0 to your 0.0 parents.

4.  He likes chocolate milk.  He likes to offer chocolate milk to the people he cares about and invests time in conversation with you because he wants to know how YOU are doing.

5.  He hates peas.  So do I.  I can admit that without fear of embarrassment. ;)

6. He sits with you quietly.  No, we've never actually be in the same room together, but he offered his support when my grama died earlier this year and it felt as if a friend was there beside me for a few moments of warmth.  Thank you, Jon.

7.  He keeps giving me ideas.  And I keep following up on them to try to make a difference in the world.  The way I see it, if he's going to keep being brilliant, I'm going to have to keep listening and doing.

8. He's a good friend.  As a good friend he sets an example to do more, to be more, to help more. Will you help honor him on his birthday by doing something good in the world?

I know you don't want another social media birthday, but Jon, with the many lessons I've learned this year from you, I couldn't let it slip past without saying how thankful I am to know you.

Happy 50th Birthday!

Photo thanks to Becky McCray.