Podcamp Boston 3 - Success! Thanks to you! / by Chel Wolverton

This past weekend Podcamp Boston 3 rocked the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School. Thank all of you who attended, those who lent a helping hand, and those who taught others.  Thank you to our sponsors who believe in what we do enough to put forth the pledge to help us put on this conference, that includes each of the attendees.

Photos credit to C.C. Chapman.

I want to mention I had the privilege of working with the best team: Chris Penn, Chris Brogan, Sooz, Steve Sherlock, Doug Haslam and Whitney Hoffman.

Huge thanks to Andrew Jankowich for helping out at the reg desk Saturday.

We had an 80% attendance rate, much better than last year's 50%. 370 people total attended.  Hopefully they learned a lot, met their goals of learning and sharing, and it will allow them to grow and DO in the next year.

Many times throughout the weekend, Chris Penn mentioned "do".  Doing.  Achieving, reaching out and finding ways to make your real life community (no, not only your social media community) a better place. That maybe, by making your corner of the world a little better that will start something remarkable.  If I reach out to help my community and you reach out to help your community and others follow in our footsteps who knows what changes that will affect.  We're seeing the beginning of that with Obama's campaign.  We want change, question is are we each willing to do our part to make it happen.

We have the tools.  We have the power.

Did you meet your goals for learning?  What will you do in the next year to make a difference?