Superman Bunnies / by Chel Wolverton

  It seems to be all conference in my world lately so I've not had a lot of time to post here.  So much going on between the trip to Canada and then to Nashville.  Podcamp Boston 3 ramped up in the last week and I've been crazy between work and organization issues for PCB.  But  now, I'm on the train to Boston and thought I'd take a moment to share some really cool things from the recent conferences I've attended.

Marketing Profs B2B Forum - This conference was awesome in it's entirety.  MarketingProfs put on a great showing.  One of the most interesting and best conference I've attended so far.  Yes, that counts Podcamp too.  Why?  I've been struggling with seeing myself for a long time. I work hard and try to help people as much as I possibly can.  But I've also acquired knowledge, a huge amount of marketing knowledge and how to leverage that in social media.  I attribute that to none other than Chris Penn, my mentor and friend.  I often say he taught me how to fly after shoving me off a cliff.  It was at that moment during the presentation where I realized I *can* fly on my own finally.  

There are moments in life when you achieve knowledge and you cannot go back to not knowing these things.  In that moment, I understood my abilities in marketing and my strengths, my knowledge and how extensive it is.  It was powerful for me. 

At PAB, I didn't go to learn so much as go to be close some friends.  I'll admit. I learned all the same.  I learned from the car ride down to Canada that I really enjoy listening to the banter between the Chris'.  I learned that podcasting when you have something interesting to talk about and really know your stuff is fun and not scary.  I learned that continuously meeting and setting goals for yourself makes you work harder and challenges you to change your thinking about the path you're on.  Julien, thanks for inspiring me to think about these goals in the last few weeks.  It's been an important moment in moving forward.  The feeling that I got from MarketingProfs was re-enforced on the car ride back when I woke up to the results of the Chris' talk.  (Don't fall asleep with these guys nearby. Fair warning.)

One of the most brilliant moments was Chris Brogan's Jolt session in which he made it very clear that everyone's time is precious.  I'll let you watch that for yourself below:


And after all of that I still wasn't finished learning apparently because with Neil Gorman, you always learn something new.  You should watch his video linked above.  Okay?  Don't think about it, just do it.  At one moment (not on that video), he forced us to put aside the toys and the distractions and for one moment look at everyone in the room, make that one connection with them that no one in the room will ever forget.  It's important in this day when we can turn on the computer and be connected to people across the world with a few clicks.

Don't forget to make these very real, human connections.  I know you won't be able to put the equipment down completely, you are podcasters, that's a given.  That's my advice for this weekend when you show up at Podcamp Boston 3.  Make the connections, put yourself fully into being a part of the experience, because it'll be over before you blink.  If there's someone you want to meet, make the time to talk with them. Learn, share and grow this weekend together.  I look forward to meeting and talking with as many people as possible this weekend, because *you* are why I volunteer my time to this effort. 

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