Got Gmail? / by Chel Wolverton

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While everyone loses their collective minds because Gmail is down, one wonders if all the tweets about it is going to break Twitter again.

It's making me reanalyze the way I've been doing business with Google products the last 2 years.  Sure it's got shiny keyboard shortcuts and you can take it everywhere, but what good does that do me when I use it for EVERYTHING and have no backup in place.  All of my mail filters into my Gmail account, from clients to Podcamp, from friends and family.

Not to mention when I first started using Google products I was a little concerned about them having access to everything I do within my business.

I have access to the files I've downloaded and thankfully keep my notes in Evernote (the best damn web app since gmail, hands down), but what to do.

What's your backup solution?  What will be after this shortage?  Are you rethinking Google too?

Oh and Google?  Massive FAIL!

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