Week 1: Tales of a Social Media Evangelist / by Chel Wolverton

Last week was my first week as Social Media Evangelist of Vibemetrix. It's remarkable the information flow that comes across your desktop during the course of a day as a SME.  I spend the day reading blogs, answering questions, seeking information, writing my own blog post, Twittering helpful things, sharing blog posts that teach me something and passing them on to others.

Ideas are bouncing around like crazy between Adam and myself.  He comes up with new stuff regularly and throws it out on the table.  I love this because we can both talk about ideas and look at them from different perspectives and see what happens. This actually reminds me a lot of C.C. and his energy when things are happening just right.  This has been the excellent challenge because my brain is humming with good stuff to crank out. (Yes, a CC-ism.)

Getting into a routine was rough at the beginning of the week.  Always is on the first day and the first week. Once that was down, it was about finding a whole lot of information to share.  I want to always point to what others are doing so I created Vibemetrix Daily Vibe and daily ebooks posts.  I also want to help people, so I compiled a good list of conferences going on.  I'd love to include a blog post you found particularly helpful, an ebook that you love, or a conference that I missed.  Please email me!

The biggest challenge so far is the balance of company and personal twitter accounts.  Now I tweet about things that I find helpful, that I think will be helpful to others in my network.  I also tweet personal things that are going on in my life and talk with people regularly on my chelpixie account.

I've been posting some links to both my twitter account and vibemetrix twitter account.  I don't want to double post but I do want to help both networks. It's the nature of me. This is the one where I need advice and I'm asking you, my readers, to let me know how you'd handle this challenge or how you would want a company SME to handle the challenge?

Stay tuned.  I think I'll blog about week 2 as well to see how the settling in goes.