Boston Blog Marketing Meetup / by Chel Wolverton

I've started a group for Boston area marketers and small businesses to learn about outreach to bloggers. The first meeting will be on October 27th at 7 PM over at Andala Coffee House in the downstairs room.  I've asked Todd Van Hoosear to speak for about 20 minutes on the topic of how to market and outreach influential bloggers.  Then will open the floor to a discussion and forum for folks to get advice marketing techniques.

I've been looking for a way to help people around the Boston area for a while and in the future will have more advanced topics for pursual but for now I thought this would be a good introduction topic.  If you have questions or even advice to give on the subject I would love to see you come out and talk with a group about it.

I'm looking for the focus to be strongly Braintorrent-like in it's structure because I look for opportunities to help others.

You can RSVP on or on the Facebook event.