Social Media Evangelism: Conferences and Blogging! / by Chel Wolverton

This is a series of posts chronicling my path as a social media evangelist for Vibemetrix.  What's on my mind as I do a job that I love and my thoughts on the state of the industry. It's been a very whirlwind couple weeks!  I went to the New Marketing Summit on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I got to talk with a lot of people who are looking to figure out where social media fits with them.  It was the first time that I attended a conference as a Social Media Evangelist.  The change in perception was interesting.  Talking to people about business and about Vibemetrix was interesting from talking to them about saving time as a virtual assistant.  There was some good response about what we're trying to do.

Blogging for Vibemetrix has been very interesting in the past week.  I've taken the question of the day idea and pushed it a little further, getting thoughts and responses from people on Twitter plus commenters to the blog.  One of the best topics we've had on the blog this past week was convincing your boss about social media.

The participants in the conversation really made the blog post take off and gave anyone attempting to convince their boss about social media a lot of great advice and information.  I'd like to thank again: Bill Seaver, Ellie Mirman, @bbonndesign, @lawtonchiles1, @lightinggal, and @lgoulding!  They conversed, suggested, and discussed some really helpful information for my friend to try out.

It was a pretty good week and I'm looking forward to next!