Brain Dump / by Chel Wolverton

photo by ducttapeavengerMy friend, C.C. Chapman often has brain dumps on his blog and they seem to help him move forward with his day.  I really wanted to post here this morning and not about any particular thing so I'm going to try his method. Speaking of C.C., I got my Akoha deck in the mail yesterday and am super excited to have it in my possession.  Have you checked out Akoha?  It's a type of pay it forward mission, you get a card, you give a card along with what action/gift/thought it has for a mission to a friend/person.  Once they get the card they can go to the website and enter the details, get karma points and then pay it forward to the next person.  What a unique way of connecting strangers.  I love things like this.

Last night was the second Boston Blog Marketing Meetup, lots of new people to the scene, most I'd never met before.  We looked at blogs and made some suggestions to the bloggers about how to get their blogs in better shape and take them into the future.  I can't wait for next month's meetup which I'm going to start working on today.

Adam, VibeMetrix CEO wrote an ebook and he is working on another one already.  Every day I get to interact with people and talk to them about what we're doing and that's pretty cool.

So what's coming?  Well the holidays.  I'm traveling to spend the weekend in Columbus with friends before coming back to Boston.  I'm also working on a new blog that is very niche but something anyone can certain learn from.  I'll let you know when it's ready and you can check it out if it sounds interesting.

Oh and I just gotta say, this isn't becoming a political blog. :D