That's not okay, Senator McCain / by Chel Wolverton

This election brings us a great opportunity.  In 2000, we suffered a huge blow to our nation's trust when George W. Bush took office.  When the Supreme Court decided it was okay to meddle in our vote and give it to Bush, that was a huge blow to the trust that the division of government branches actually work to keep things in balance. We need this election, we need to cast our votes and be heard.  I'll admit (duh) that I hope you'll vote for Obama.  To me that vote means a little more confidence on how things will be in the next four years.  We've got a tough road ahead.  I believe that Obama can give us the best guidance on that road. My vote is in someone that I think can give us a better future, for someone who has given me more hope for change than I thought I'd see in my lifetime.

I'm not here to convince you, but I am here to say something that's been bugging the HELL out of me the past two weeks.

When John McCain and Sarah Palin stood by at rallies while supporters called Obama a terrorist, screamed kill him and used the "n" word, they condoned that behavior.  They condoned the hate.  They are in a position of authority at those rallies to say "here, now, that's not what our campaign or America tolerates.  That's not our campaign."

Yes, Sen. McCain, you fought hard in a war, were captured and supported your comrades by staying in prison when they couldn't leave.


You forgot.

Forgot how to stand up and say that's not okay.

That's not okay with me.

Barack Obama IS my President.