Chat Catcher - Twitter mentions of your blog into your comments / by Chel Wolverton

Want the tweets about your blog posts to be posted to the blog comments so the discussion is all in one place? I just saw Chat Catcher (the coolest thing) in action over on Dave Fleet's blog this morning and immediately tweeted and added it to  He apparently found it via Shannon Whitley (whom you should also check out).

It captures tweets about your blog or blog posts and copies them into your blog comments.  So the discussion on Twitter can be recorded and revisited in the comments later on.  Brings the conversation together in your space where the conversation started.

Here's how it looks:

It's super easy to install:

  1. Register your blog.
  2. We'll monitor Twitter for comments on your blog posts.
  3. Comments from Twitter are posted to your blog.

And beyond the the registration there are some simple steps to follow.  It involves creating a file and putting it on your server, then pressing a button to test it.  If you need help, email me and I'll see what I can do.

So excited about this as a solution for catching the entire conversation, even it if happens on Twitter.  I hope this helps others I know looking for a solution.

Update:  There was a small glitch with my no follow rule for trackbacks with my theme.  Thankfully Shannon Whitley (yep she's the developer/support too!) tweaked it quickly and now it's working.  Thanks Shannon for all your help!