More Friday Link Love with Strawberries / by Chel Wolverton

linkloveI've had very little time to write this week.  Oops.  And here we are back to Friday again. How *does* that happen? It's also been another week full of great blog posts or announcements I want to spread around a little.

-- First off, Matthew Ebel is looking for a band, singing live on Ustream every Tuesday night at 6 PM EST and oh, selling pieces of himself off.

-- Congratulations to the Student Loan Network and Chris Penn, who recorded his 900th podcast on Financial Aid Podcast today!  (Update: Chris is traveling today so the show isn't up yet but should be soon!)

-- John Bordeaux continues to wow me with his writing and 'Raising the Dial Tone' definitely fits the bill. Yes, you've read blog posts talking about social media before, but never like this.  I promise.

-- Chris Brogan often write simple posts that get to the heart of things.  10 Things You Could Do Better Today is one of those.  He gives you clear action items and a chance to break bad habits.  I'm doing some things better since I read this list.  Let me (and Chris) know if it helps you too?

-- To even out the week, I want to tell you about my favorite photo blog that always inspires me.  Favorite photo from the last couple of weeks is Peaceful Ending. But Strawberry Fields Forever is genius.

It's time for me to poof again.  I hope to have a post up this weekend while traveling, some of the best writing time is on a plane.  In the meantime, have an excellent weekend!