Friday Link Love - April 3rd, 09 / by Chel Wolverton

linkloveAmy Flanagan makes me crack up, yet again. The social media expert debate rages on. I'll admit the expert title makes me uncomfortable but it makes me ponder what the very knowledgeable people™ about social media do to demonstrate their expertise. How do you set yourself apart from others? I always say hard work, but labels, they find their way into the best and worse of communities.

Greg Verdino's blog title, Twitter is This Year's Second Life, made me scoff when I read it. He does have several good points though. Especially on 1, 3, and 4. What do you think? Does the virtual world and the microblogging service have more in common than we like to think? (Okay I admit I'm a bit cranky because Greg is taking one of Boston's most fabulous ladies away to New York. But then, so long as she's happy!)

whatleydude's got me thinking after reading his post When Does Batman Sleep. When do we draw the line in the 24/7 social media world between our lives and the socialsphere that is always awake and talking? You'll see more on this from me in the future soon. We each need to find our personal line, draw it and stick to it, while others need to respect the line on some level.