Podcamp Boston 4: It's all about the Questions. / by Chel Wolverton

pcb4logoWhen I fell asleep during a road trip to Podcasters Across Borders last year, I didn't know I was going to wake up to being asked to take the reins as lead organizer for Podcamp Boston this year from Chris Penn and Chris Brogan. And in that spirit of shaking things up... Podcamp Boston 4 is taking a different focus this year!

A lot of us attend conferences to find out what's new, meet new people (networking FTW!) and get our questions answered.  What are the questions that you need answers to? This year, that's the idea.  Learn what audio tool is best, how to put together a video podcast, what the heck is Twitter or the best tools for blogging?  Any question, get the answer.

It doesn't matter your level of skill or involvement in podcasting and/or social media, there's bound to be someone here that can help you find the answer while we explore what's next in podcasting and social media.

Podcamp Boston 4, August 8-9, 2009 at University of Mass. Boston.  It's simple, register and ask and learn.