Are you a Small Business Super Hero? / by Chel Wolverton

batchblue-logo Hiding a cape we never see?  The strength to keep your business moving through a tough economy?  Share your secret super powers with the world by filling out a quick form and win some awesome prizes. To celebrate Small Business Week, Batchblue chose to hold the 2nd annual Small Business Super Hero contest this week.  All you have to do is go visit the Super Hero page and fill out the form nominating yourself or someone else as a small business super hero, share their powers and type 200 words about how you or they save the world or battle the forces of economies evils every day.

The prizes?


Books, MailChimp credits, Batchbook accounts, JetBlue gift card, moo business cards and 6 free months of Shoeboxed are just some of the prizes you can win (or win for someone else).  It's quick and easy and a great chance to reward yourself or someone else for being a small business super hero in a time when the world needs you.

(Disclaimer: I work for Batchblue but wasn't paid for this post and am helping judge entries. I love the company and thought my readers could use a little super hero love and Friday fun!)

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