A Week With a View: Of storms and rainbows / by Chel Wolverton

Christopher Penn has a challenge for you.  Find the most interesting (to you) Creative Commons photos on flickr and post them to your blog for the week of June 29th  to July 4th.  Then include a note about why you like the photo. Be sure to tag it #wwav. You can find his guidelines and suggestions here.  Spread a little beauty around your blog this week.

My first search was rainbows.  What resulted was this:


The photographer took this after a storm that soaked him through, he knew that would be the case but waited for the photo anyway.  The patience for this shot is astounding and it paid off.

The photo captures my love of storms and rainbows.  I've spent a lot of my life living near fields like this and watching thunderstorms roar through.  The double bows are light that hope shines through.

It captures a piece of my childhood memories with some beautiful imagery.