A small trick to save you time when moving your Wordpress blog (and backup advice!) / by Chel Wolverton

Sometimes your hosting just doesn't live up to your needs and/or expectations.  I've experienced downtime and the accidental deletion of my database tables myself. Eventually if the host is really bad, you reach the point where enough is enough. Maybe because of GoDaddy's Super Bowl ads or the Network Solutions deal to switch was too sweet to pass up after the controversy.  Either way, you're ready to make the move, but reading the Wordpress instructions makes you want to hide under the covers.  Here's some hints that'll make it easier. (Note: This assumes that you have purchased hosting with the new company you want to move to.)

So what's my trick?

Ask your new web host company to move your database tables for you. We are not all geeks, sometimes we need help.  You are a new customer and most companies love helping you get set up as a thanks for purchasing their service. Sure you can figure out how to do it on your own, but having the hosting company do it for you saves you time and maybe (probably) frustration.

Install  the WP DB Backup plugin and use it religiously. After you install the plugin, go to Tools -> Backup.  After backing up, make sure to schedule additional backups on a daily or weekly basis.  If your database gets deleted, you'll always have a updated copy.  See below on the backup steps.



Backup your blog. In detail, you need to export your Wordpress blog by going to your Dashboard -> Tools -> Export.  I was going to make screenshots, but Chris Penn already has "How to Backup Your Wordpress Blog in 60 seconds".

Backup the actual Wordpress files. Load up your favorite FTP program and download the blog or Wordpress folder/files.  Whatever subdirectory your blog sets on, back it up.  Put these in a clearly labeled website backup folder (ex. chelpixie wordpress backup).

If this is too confusing using a FTP program like CyberDuck, then you can also do this from your hosting Control Panel, but it's a lot easier using the FTP program.  If you need help on how to setup an FTP program, search your hosting help files.  Most hosting companies put together a tutorial on how to set them up.

These steps will help make the move go easier.  If you need your files, you'll already have copies ready to go. Having backups in case you need them in the future, almost thought free.

Do you have any tips to make Wordpress moves or backing up easier?  Leave them in the comments!

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