SBBuzz: Helping Small Biz Get Answers / by Chel Wolverton


Disclosure: I'm co-founder of sbbuzz with Pamela O'Hara and Michelle Riggen-Ransom of BatchBlue Software.

A few months ago, small business owner Whitney (@wald12) came to Michelle and Pam for advice on how to get started with technology and social media for her business. Brilliantly inspired by #journchat, they created a chat for small business owners weekly on Twitter.

SBBuzz not only covers the blogging, Twitter and social media efforts of small business owners, but has had some interesting guests to talk about business plans, small town small biz and cashflow. Every week, more small business owners join in the conversation to find out the answer to their questions.

If you are a small business owner looking for answers on anything technology or you already have a lot answers and can share them with a great community of people, please join in Tuesdays at 8 pm EST. You can find out more about how to participate at