Two Reasons why I'm invisi-pixie... / by Chel Wolverton

12 more days until Podcamp Boston 4!Work - Hire me? It's important to me to do a great job for my clients and to make this Podcamp Boston rock for all of you this year.  So I have a good excuse for not blogging.

We're definitely smaller this PCB on the 4th go around but I think the economy is getting to everyone.  The discussion rather than presentation format has me excited.  Not to mention, C.C. Chapman and Ron Ploof are heading up the What's Next discussion.  There are some great discussion leaders over at

One of the best things about running the conference is the people that come together into the community to make the event spectacular.  There have been numerous offers of wonderful people volunteering to help with anything they can. Thank you each and everyone of you for taking the time to ask.  We have awesome sponsors and some still inbound.

I'm VERY lucky to work with such an awesome team: Christopher Penn, Whitney Hoffman, Chris Brogan, Steve Sherlock, Lance Gomes, Guido Stein, Doug Haslam, Katie Martell, John Eckman, Adam Weiss, & Sara Streeter.


I'm evolving into what's next for me personally.  More about that after I survive PCB.  I switched from my iPhone to a new Blackberry Curve on Sprint.  I need to blog about why I switched, but want to put research time into it. I went on vacation and the internet didn't die. *gasp*

I'm looking forward to getting back to normal after 'camp is over.