Podcamp Boston 4 Thoughts and Community / by Chel Wolverton


Photo by C.C. Chapman.

Wow. Another Podcamp Boston concluded.

It's was an amazing weekend for me for several reasons. In the past we've had people talk about not getting the chance to find out what they needed to know. It's important for everyone who comes to an event like this to get the takeaways that make the entire weekend and the cost of their attendance worthwhile to them.

That was the focus of this year. We had roughly (from a hand count) 75% first time Podcampers attending. 75%! People who had come to learn about podcasting and new media from those advanced enough to give some good ways to get started. I hope that each of you got a chance to ask the questions on your mind this weekend. If not, reach out to someone you met this weekend and it's quite possible they can connect you with someone that *can* help you get that question answered. (You can email me, in fact!)

In instances where discussion leaders couldn't make it for their scheduled discussions, others stepped up, took over and helped the discussions move forward. I'd like to thank all of you who stood up to help facilitate those discussions, flying by the seat of your pants to help the community. You are what Podcamp is all about.

Personally the weekend made me face some fears, helped me move forward and push through some things holding me back. The feeling is overwhelming in a good way. Chris Penn touched on my story in his reflections on the weekend. I'm sure I'll touch on it again as I turn this next page. Chris and Chris, thank you for trusting me to make this year happen. For believing in me.

Community rocks. Each of you did your part to make this weekend a success. Being a part of this community, watching it come together was very thrilling for me. Seeing all of your faces and all of the discussion happen this weekend made all the hard work worthwhile.

I owe a huge thank you to everyone. The sponsors, the organizers, and of course the attendees, because without you being there it wouldn't have been possible.