Giving Thanks / by Chel Wolverton

Every year on Thanksgiving I post here about what I'm thankful for.  It seems every year some significant changes come to my life.  Some of them good, some not so great.  This year hasn't been different from that norm, but the changes it's brought have been remarkable. I'm thankful most of all for the experience I had at Evocation in Dayton, OH this past October with Stephen K. Hayes.  It's opened my eyes and every day is teaching me something new about myself and this crazy path I call life.

I'm exceptionally thankful as always for such good friends, my family and loved ones that help me, guide me, stand by me, and touch my life.  An especially huge thanks to Christopher Penn, Whitney Hoffman, Mr. Brogan, Bryce MooreTylerLauren Vargas, Jon Swanson, Matthew Ebel and Josiah Boothby.  You have helped me this year in the most significant of ways.

I'm thankful for new discoveries, an open wide future, knowledge to be acquired and hope to give.

May your next year be as blessed.

Photo by Bryce Moore : A Bite of Sanity