Acknowledging Accomplishments / by Chel Wolverton

One of the things we talk about in the social media space is sharing great things that others are up to versus talking about our own stuff all the time. I strive to share some interesting things that others are doing on Twitter but I felt the need to take the time out and offer some of those things up on my blog tonight.  Very a la Becky McCray's Brag Basket I wanted to brag on some great stuff I'm reading, listening to, watching, etc. here on my blog.

Josiah Boothby, Evan Flory-Barnes and Acknowledgement of a Celebration

A very dear friend of mine who has dabbled in social media emailed me recently about a musical performance that he had the pleasure of being ensemble in.  I've been following Josiah and talking with him online and offline for over 10 years now.  He's a French Horn player and a very talented musician.  The piece he performed in is one that I'm very excited to share.  Here's a short description of the performance:

As part of the 2009 Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle bassist and composer Evan Flory-Barnes presents a world premiere titled “Acknowledgement of a Celebration: Inheritance, Authenticity and Healing,” a large-ensemble fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and classical music, complete with modern dancers and freestyle break-dancers. A standout in Seattle’s jazz scene, Flory-Barnes’ acoustic double bass skills, a combination of improvisation and classical training, have been featured in collaborations ranging from Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto to hip-hop band Maroon Colony. Commissioned as part of a national series of works from Meet the Composer’s Commissioning Music/USA program, Acknowledgement of a Celebration is performed as a nine-movement orchestral cycle with 35 musicians and 10 dancers.

I'd love for the entire ensemble to have the opportunity to tour and visit Boston. Evan has graciously granted me permission to post a live recording for your listening pleasure here.  This piece is titled Dance of the Girl Obscured.


Matthew Ebel and Candor in Em

Continuing on music a little bit, I want to mention this beautiful classical piece that Matthew has composed for his subscribers.  He's given me permission to repost it here but don't stop there.  Please check out what he's up to with his subscriber awesomeness.  Night Train alone is worth the subscription fee and you'll get so much more than that.


I love independent artists and the effort they put forth to make things happen.  It's inspiring to watch these guys reach for the stars.

Do you know someone who has accomplished something worthwhile to share?  Make sure you take a moment and tell the world about them in your own way.

Photo by abiteofsanity